JetPro is an Engineering firm based in Alberta with staff located across Canada. JetPro specializes in satellite-based (Global Positioning System – GPS and Wide Area Augmentation System – WAAS) instrument flight procedure design for airports and aerodromes across Canada.

JetPro’s customer base consists of a wide spectrum of aviation operators. Airport operators seeking to improve all-weather access to their airports, this includes resource company that own their own airfields as well as publicly and privately owned airports. Air carriers wishing to develop new markets to remote locations use JetPro’s services to compliment their flight operations to create a competitive advantage.

Our clients enjoy the operational, economic, and safety benefits provided by satellite-based navigation. In many cases, the use of our product has made their airport insensitive to weather and has created significant economic and operational benefits. In most cases, the economic payback period for our services is in the order of months. The safety benefits are immediate as satellite-based navigation offers an impressive increment in safety over the conventional navigation aids they replace.

Please explore our website and the information it provides - if you have any questions please reach out to us!