JetPro's Aircraft

Designing and maintaining instrument procedures require validation on initial design and each subsequent periodic review. As such, JetPro is introducing a modern and well equipped Diamond DA-62 aircraft to validate these procedures. This aircraft has replaced our trusty workhorse, the Piper Seneca III.

The Diamond DA-62 provides a fantastic platform for flight validation thanks to its large panoramic windows for visually inspecting the flight paths for obstacles. Its modern glass panel with the G1000 NXi avionics suite, this enables us to perform flight validations of complex and advanced instrument procedures. In addition, its modern Jet-A burning diesel engines provide an improvement in our efficiency and range to perform these validations.

JetPro is the only organization in Canada besides NAV CANADA with this "in-house" flight check capability. Our capability for flight checking has set us apart from our competition as we are able to flexibly and rapidly schedule flight checking missions for our numerous clients nationwide. This includes airports from coast-to-coast and in the Arctic. We also believe that the risk and liabilities associated with operating in an unknown aircraft do not provide any sizeable benefit. In addition, it allows us to provide the best possible solutions for our clients by allowing for the validation of WAAS LP and LPV procedures which require a more advanced suite of avionics to perform.

Survey Capability

Designing and maintaining instrument procedures requires that airports and aerodromes have a precise and accurate runway survey. The surveys standards required for todays precise approaches like WAAS LP and LPV require accuracy and precision down to 15cm. JetPro has surveyed dozens of runways across Canada with our survey equipment that is easily loaded into our flight validation aircraft. Often we will survey the runway, generate final runway threshold coordinates, and flight validate the procedures within days of eachother.

Aerodrome and Airport Obstacle Assessment Capability

Recently, Transport Canada has implemented changes to the way in which aerodromes are assessed for close-in obstacles that impacts the lowest level of approach minima they are eligible for (and airports with TP312-5th Edition). In order to aid with these assessments, JetPro has purchased a Remotely Piloted Aircraft System (RPAS) that can perform photogrammetric data collections around an airport. We are currently ironing out some operational details and this service will be available in the near future.